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Flavia van Riel, MD

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Dr. Flavia van Riel provides psychotherapy treatment and relationship counseling at her private practices in Miami Beach and Miami, Florida. Dr. van Riel has experience working with and counseling individuals -- such as executives and professionals -- and couples throughout the greater Miami area who come to her for help getting their lives and relationships back on track.

Psychotherapy Q & A

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a term used to categorize a variety of talk-based therapies used by psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners to treat patients with social or mental health issues. During psychotherapy, the doctor applies scientifically validated procedures to help patients develop healthier and more effective habits. Psychotherapy may include cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and other forms of talk-therapy. The success of psychotherapy depends on the relationship between the patient and the doctor, as both parties have to work together to identify the root cause of the symptoms that brought the patient to Dr. van Riel’s office and work through treatment modalities. Many people benefit from psychotherapy during a significant life change such as getting a divorce, facing an empty nest, losing a job, or having to move. Dr. van Riel can teach effective coping skills, new communication techniques, provide new insight into their world, and create a safe bond in which a client can function more effectively in their daily lives.

What is relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling is a type of therapy used to resolve issues and conflicts couples are not able to handle effectively on their own. Dr. van Riel will help both partners to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations in a constructive manner. The goal of this type of therapy is to help patients obtain a better understanding of their relationship, themselves, and their partner. Some of the most frequently encountered problems include frequent or repetitive arguments, financial concerns, lack of communication, unfulfilled emotional needs, and conflicts about children. Couples usually seek help because they are unable to resolve these issues on their own or if conversations around difficult topics devolve into arguments.

What happens during relationship counseling?

Dr. van Riel acts as an objective third party who listens to both parties as they share their thoughts and feelings. She may ask questions to identify and clarify problems or other areas of concern. When a couple meets with Dr. van Riel, she will collect information from both parties about the problems and how each partner views those problems, the couple’s relationship history, and the personal history of each partner. Once the couple begins going to relationship counseling sessions regularly, Dr. van Riel’s interpretation of their concerns may provide a new perspective which can help them work toward better communication and a better understanding of the other’s feelings.

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